The Largest Independent Linehaul Network

With headquarters in Hong Kong, and a key presence in more than 25 countries stretching across six continents, Lenton Group has an expansive and independent linehaul network. Complementing its own large distribution network and gateway operations, Lenton Group is strengthening its strategic partnerships with key local players in the express delivery market.


Lenton’s continued success is due to its commitment to its strong partnerships, flexible and reliable customer service and employee loyalty.


Lenton’s in-house Shipping Activity Manager (“SAM”) provides efficient and comprehensive end-to-end tracking and status mapping.



Lenton Group is the holding company for three operating subsidiaries: Linehaul Express (“Linex”), RPX and Wako. Lenton is managed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals led by Mrs. Morty Langslow, Chairperson and CEO.

Our Key Strategic Partners

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