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e-Commerce – We will help your business grow

Lenton provides unique access to authorized channels into China for personal-use items. Bundled with proven linehaul from Lenton’s overseas gateways, and final-mile solutions, there are several end-to-end channels to this enormous and fast-growing market-place: by 2016, China is expected to have more digital buyers than Western Europe and North America combined. With its numerous gateway stations, Lenton also provides efficient and cost-effective solutions to key markets such as Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine, India and Brazil.

We offer one stop solutions for e-merchants entering the China market. It is a neutral airport to door service, from worldwide point of entry to the ultimate customer in China.  Commercial B2C clearance is completed at one of our designated gateways, and final mile delivery by either courier or local post.  With our own designed web portal and a customs clearance already integrated, we make the inbound e-commerce to China simple and easy.