Choosing the right solution is important, choosing the right partner is critical

Through our wholly owned subsidiary RPX, Lenton Group can offer a range of retail express delivery services, with an outstanding level of flexibility and personalized service, together with the reliability and experience of two of the world’s great airlines. With unrivaled access to Cathay Pacific’s comprehensive networks, RPX offers it’s customers a unique three-tiered service. Platinum (Hand carry service), Gold (Next flight out) or Silver (value for money service for regular shipments)


RPX is an express parcel specialist and is the retail arm of Lenton Group. Using the Linex network as the operational backbone, RPX provides global express delivery services to customers from all market sectors, from textiles to healthcare, aerospace and wine. RPX provides 24-hour customer service support and a broad range of value-added services – including emergency, OAG and cold-chain solutions – to meet the particular requirements of each customer.

Time Critical Transport -Lenton Group has a historical International Time Critical logistic expertise, so we offer each of our clients highly flexible customized logistics solutions for particularly urgent or complex (“impossible”) logistical challenges. This service is a unique, tailored High Priority hand carried service.

  • Our qualified on board courier staff will travel with your shipment to the final destination and deliver it.
  • Your shipment is uplift on the next flight available, with a tailored routing to ensure the fastest possible service

  • This is the highest level of security for your extremely sensitive shipment
  • With this service, a real time tracking is available and an immediate verbal delivery confirmation is given

Clinical trial /Pharmaceutical Under Biocair, Lenton Group can provide specialist management of the clinical trial supply chain and Research and Development. Our trained team can help in classifying your products; advise you the documentation for export and import in order to be regulatory compliant and avoid any delay. Our staff hold Science degrees and have extensive knowledge in time critical logistic.  They understand all requirements in handling and moving your priceless shipment. When material needs to be shipped in a temperature controlled environment, our dedicated staff is here to help you in choosing the right packaging for the journey. Our range of packaging can accommodate anything from one vial to multiple pallet shipments, in a variety of different – temperature controlled environments including.

Liquid Nitrogen